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Catholic Primary School, Belfield
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​Principal's Message

St Michael’s is a systemic Catholic primary school for boys and girls, Kindergarten to Year 6, in the Archdiocese of Sydney. We strive to be a welcoming and supportive learning community which is inspired by the model of Jesus Christ and imbued with Gospel values.

The school and parish are committed to working in partnership with parents to nurture and challenge students as they grow in the Catholic faith and develop their potential.

We welcome children and their families from many different cultures and enjoy the richness that such diversity brings to our country and school community.

As well as Religious Education, the school offers a comprehensive curriculum which covers the Key Learning Areas mandated by the NSW board of Studies. Literacy and numeracy are a strong focus, and Information Communication Technology is integrated into the teaching programs. Teaching Programs are carefully planned and differentiated to meet the diverse needs of all our students.

We offer specialist programs such as Special Education, English as a Second Language, Reading Recovery and Music Education. Various extra-curricular activities including chess lessons and computer club are also available.

St Michael’s is an oasis in the inner suburbs of Sydney for our 305 students who learn in well-equipped classrooms and enjoy the extensive playground which borders the Cooks River in Belfield.

Judy Gastin


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