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Why choose our school?

St Michael’s Catholic Primary School Belfield is a strong community where our faith is alive in word and action. We are a Positive Education School that aims for every child to achieve their best and flourish in an environment of student wellbeing and learning growth.

The Leadership Team and staff work collaboratively in partnership with our engaged parents to provide a multitude of co-curricular and social justice opportunities that inspire students to find their passion, make learning a joy and set them on a path of making a meaningful difference in their world.

Principal’s Message

Welcome to St Michael’s Catholic Primary School Belfield, a caring Catholic community where children experience a sense of belonging. The school and parish work in partnership to nurture a strong faith community. As a school, we strive for excellence in all academic areas and value the unique needs and talents of every student. All students are encouraged to put forth their best efforts and are challenged each day by their teachers to reach their potential.

Parents are contributors to the education of their children and we welcome working in partnership with parents. Many opportunities are available for parents to be involved in our school.

The staff at St Michael’s is a collaborative group of strong educators who work with you to meet your child’s needs. We will guide, support and assist your child in every possible way and we take a genuine interest in your child’s wellbeing.

Let us bring to life the words ‘working in partnership’ in the education of your child. 

Ms Kim McCue

Our school was established in 1959 with funding from St Michael’s Belfield parish by the Dominican Sisters with Sr M Joachim as the first principal. As the school grew in enrolments so did the need for new facilities to accommodate, which were supported by the efforts of our Parents and Friends Committee formed in 1973. In 1975, the first lay principal, Mr. Neville Dodd, was appointed and the school continued to grow over the following decades. We are proud of the multicultural community that lives on today and enjoys a positive relationship with our parish.

St Michael’s Positive Education framework and the SMILE strategy ensures that we continue to build on the great work of the past.


In partnership with parents and parish, we are committed to:

  • educating children in the Catholic faith
  • nurturing a welcoming community that proclaims, models and celebrates the Gospel of Jesus Christ
  • creating a learning environment which provides a high quality education for children and inspires in them a desire for lifelong learning
  • fostering a spirit of service that encourages children to share their gifts in order to make a difference to their world.


S =  smile
M = make good choices
I =   include God in your day
L =  learn as much as you can
E =  enjoy being you


St Michael’s is a Catholic community:

  • where Gospel values are central to all aspects of school life
  • where a dedicated and professional team inspires a love of learning
  • in partnership, where a spirit of communication, shared responsibility and celebration enhances school life
  • where learning is interactive, lifelong and focused on the individual
  • which cares for its members and acknowledges their uniqueness.

The community of St Michael’s is a friendly and welcoming one. We enjoy a close relationship with the parish and we work in partnership with the Parish Priest.

Parish Priest: Fr Andrew Benton

Mass Times

  • Tuesday: 7.00pm
  • Wednesday: 9.15am
  • Thursday: 7.00pm
  • Friday: 9.15am
  • Saturday: 9.00am and 5.30pm (Vigil)
  • Sunday: 9.30am and 5.30pm

Contact Details
A: 26 Margaret Street, Belfield, NSW 2191
P: (02) 9642 2736
W: secretarystmichaelsbelfield@gmail.com

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Proudly Part of the Community of Sydney Catholic Schools

Our school is part of a system of over 150 low-fee Catholic schools in the Sydney Archdiocese.

Sydney Catholic Schools are thriving Catholic communities that ignite a love of Christ through excellent teaching and learning to empower students to reach their full potential.

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